Everything I Do is Wrong: a Site That Will Live in Infamy…

We launched a microsite for got milk? that emphasized the benefits of milk during a ladies’ special monthly time.  It caused a bit of an uproar.  Including a series of ‘got sexism?’ Facebook ads and national news coverage (my mom saw it in rural Idaho so you know it spread pretty far).


There were some great things about the site, srsly.  It really was all in good fun (and as a female I never blinked an eye- not hate on the people that did – I totally get it).

We reacted by building a new site in one day to address concerns called ‘got discussion?’.


This is the kind of thing that keeps producers on their toes for sure!

Of course a producer and agency are only as good as their partners – especially in this instance.  The guys at Hook (my fave partner of all time), really killed it on this one.  Jeff Goodby should have sent them a cheese basket at the very least (see what I did there?).

An article from Ms.Magazine on the subject.

You can also check it out on Hook’s site here.

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