Sun Valley Tourism. Skippy the Stone Skipping Robot!

Meet Skippy, Sun Valley’s Rock Skipping Robot from Visit Sun Valley on Vimeo.

Using our custom built interface, remote users could control the angle and velocity of a robot skipping a stone on an idyllic lake in Sun Valley ID.
This was one of the funnest, most-unique projects I’ve ever had the privilege of working on.  My responsibilities went so far beyond the usual parameters of digital production-  from finding a portable satellite dish to be trucked into the middle of nowhere (with no internet connection whatsoever) to wrangling donkeys (not kidding).  An unforgettable experience.

Bonus behind the scenes:


 Oh and as featured on Buzzfeed.  🙂

Agency: Eleven

Client: Sun Valley Tourism

Partner: 14Four

PS – Is that not the best gif ever?

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